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About Hospitex

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About us

A Online Hospital Management System is an integrated end-to-end web based software application meant to make the administrative and management work at a hospital streamlined. The software application covers every aspect of hospital administration and management of processes, information at the disposal of the hospital administrator helping them to take effective decision with regard to patient care, hospital administration and finances.

Why Choose our Hospital Management System?

Our Hospital Management System is a complete Hospital automation solution covering all of the processes Hospital may have including Patients Admissions & Discharge, Operation Theater Management, Laboratory & Tests Management, Doctors/Staff Management, Patient Accounts Management, Comprehensive Reporting options allowing to generate categorized income reports such as admissions, operations/procedures, laboratory income reports, high level executive revenue reports on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

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Hospitex Features

  1. Multiuser Account System
  2. Monitoring the whole hospital system
  3. Management of all type of users
  4. Appointment management
  5. View appointments
  6. Notifications
  7. Medical History
  8. Invoice management
  9. Medical Report Management
  10. Tax Calculation
  11. Responsive User Interface
  12. Purchase History at the time of billing
  13. Doctor consultation
  14. Pathology Management

Hospitex Benefits

  1. Easy Access To Patient Data.
  2. Cost Effective.
  3. Improved Efficiency.
  4. Reduces Scope of Error.
  5. Increased Data Security & Retrieve-ability.
  6. Improved Patient Care.
  7. Improve data security.

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