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About CM System

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About us

Healthcare computer system, commonly known as clinic management system, is created to computerize manual operations in clinics. The primary purpose is to digitize patient records so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient. Being in the digital form, patient data can be conveniently shared and accessed by multiple simultaneous users at different locations, resulting in smoother clinical operations and collaboration among clinicians. Everyone in the clinic benefits from the system – doctor, nurse, clerk, administrator and the clinic owner – which makes their lives easy and removes unnecessary human errors from their daily activities.

Why choose our Clinic Management System

Our Clinic Management System is for any types of small and medium type Clinic, Diagnostic center and medium hospital. It is useful for doctors, hospitals and clinic. This is also developed for doing dynamic prescription system. It is developed by PHP and Code igniter framework.

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CM Features

CM Features

  1. Multi-doctor system
  2. Prescription System
  3. Manage patient appointments
  4. Payment Management
  5. Sms system
  6. LTR & RTL Support
  7. Email System
  8. Responsive Design

Benefits of CM System

  1. Patient data can be easily backed up.
  2. Easy panel billing.
  3. Inventory management and accounting are all made easy.

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